Man Affi Eat a Food!!!

Those Illegal broadcasters


Some weeks ago I was able to spare some time and join the movie craze. I went to see “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Needless to say I thought the movie was brilliant, and Christian….He was just like I imagined when I read the books. Such a wonderful guy, with wonderful skills, in more ways than one….But I digress. I was saying that the movie was great, and I was so excited about talking about it with my family, my mom in particular. Upon reaching home the weekend, I was surprised to walk in to the living room. There was a scene from the movie, right there on my TV screen. Not even a few days after the movie came out it was now making the rounds on bootleg. Those illegal movie traders!!! I wonder what would happen were I to be in a movie one day. How much of my revenue would be lost to the underground world? But we know Jamaica: “man affi eat a food”. Nothing wrong with creative entrepreneurship, even if it is illegal. Notwithstanding, the movie grossed a record in ticket sales.

Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission Professor Hopeton Dunn (left) and Executive Director of the Commission Cordel Green address members of the media on copyright compliance directive to cable television operators in Jamaica.

Well, can you imagine how surprised I was yesterday to hear that the Broadcasting Commission would be pulling the plug on 19 TV channels by the end of the month, with another possible 90 more stations to be pulled sometime after? Most seem to be movie channels. When the big cable companies took over the businesses of the small operators, I always thought that everything was above board. I never knew that they were engaging in the same illegal broadcasting as the little man on the street corner who sells you the latest movie for $100. And to think that we pay the cable companies so much money for their service.

Well, I got to understand that this clampdown is partially a result of the talks that we engaged in with Obama and his team. I wonder: Was Obama puzzled when he turned on the Pegasus Hotel TV and saw all his favorites shows which were supposed to be exclusive to the US market? Well, whichever way we take it: illegal broadcasting in big business, or with the small man, we are all entrepreneurs hustling the ting. Man affi eat a food!!!


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